Ricochet Infinity

Ricochet Infinity 3.6

Ricochet Infinity is an unusual evolved breakout game
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Reflexive Entertainment

Ricochet Infinity is the new game developed by Reflexive and published by YourGamesWorld.com.
Ricochet Infinity is an unusual breakout game. In this game you control a ship and the ball has some special features, it´s an evolved Arkanoid. There are many ships, and each ship has it's on special ability. "Recall" will let YOU control the ball! Also there are much new balls you can unlock, by collecting all the rings in each level. The same goes for the new ships. It seems like all the power ups in the game are upgraded. There are many planets that you must complete in order to earn new special trophies. There is also a funny spacedog, his name is Rico and he cheers for you if you win, and if you loose, he becomes sad. While you are bashing bricks, sometimes there suddenly appears some kind of invader ship that you must destroy, before it infects a part of the bricks! If your ball touches the infected bricks, the ball will go faster, but if you destroy the invader, the infected bricks will turn to normal again.
Ricochet Infinity is a demo version, its length should be enough to decide about buying the game or not.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Many ships and balls
  • Music is really good
  • Good graphics


  • Mouse party option is difficult to use as it´s not very usual to have several mice connected to computer
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